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Gulfsat Join Forces with Easy Broadcast

Gulfsat Communications; leading provider of satellite communication services in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region, is joining forces with Easy Broadcast, French based, patented hybrid streaming technology company in order to empower content distribution for its clients.

EasyBroadcast’s end-to-end OTT video streaming services allows real-time delivery and monetization of high-quality TV and video content to mobile devices, handheld devices, computers, smart TVs, etc. in a secure and scalable way. Based on adopting EasyBroadcast’s patented technology, Gulfsat will provide multichannel digital experience for TV channels, OTT players and Enterprises.

Commenting on Gulfsat’s initiative, Mr. Mohammed Al Haj, Chief Executive Officer of Gulfsat Communications emphasized on challenges in real time content distribution business and how Gulfsat’s content delivery platform overcomes those challenges.

“The Gulfsat’s multiplatform application service is the addition to already established content delivery platform, that will enable TV channels, OTT Players and Enterprises to engage and retain their end client, measure business value outcomes and use it extend the reach of their content distribution. Our prime objective is to keep offerings of our platform for satellite communications, satellite broadcasting and managed telecommunications, innovative and will continue to enhance our client’s delivery experience”, ended Al Haj.
Mr. Soufiane Roubia, CEO and Co-Founder of Easy Broadcast, clarified more on the platform technology used: “This new platform will be a business enabler for Gulfsat’s clients providing an easy to use solution and best in class quality of experience for viewers. No more freezes while watching a football match or a movie, no more downtime due to scaling and peaks of audience, Easy Broadcast's patented technologies leverages each viewer as a relay to deliver live and VoD content in the best possible quality even in locations lacking a good infrastructure.
New OTT platform will improve reach, market intelligence, content planning, monetization of additional ad space and forecast, new program announcement, interaction and feedback, as well as availability anywhere, anytime.

Photo: IBC, signing the agreement

About Gulfsat
Established in 1995 as a pioneer in the delivery of satellite communication services, Gulfsat Communications is now the leader in the communication service industry, providing an innovative platform for satellite communications, satellite broadcasting and managed telecommunications solutions in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region. Gulfsat designs, integrates, and deploys reliable, secure and cost-effective turnkey communication solutions to enterprises, government organizations and home users.

About Easy Broadcast
Founded in 2016, EasyBroadcast is a startup that solves the cost and quality challenges to stream video and audio content over the Internet or enterprise networks. Using its patented viewer-assisted distribution technology, EasyBroadcast provides end-to-end content streaming solutions for TV channels, OTT players, and enterprises all over the world. The solutions cover front-end interfaces; back ends; monetization through ads, payments, or subscriptions; content management systems; analytics dashboards; content distribution infrastructure; and all needed features for a successful content business on the Internet.