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Gcast fully manages Television Playout services. The state of the art facility delivers superior technology and expertise required to run complete multi-channel bouquets which include live programs and studio feeds.

Our solutions offer end-to-end playout services for single and multiple channels with 24x7 monitoring capabilities using fully automated technology. Playout services are delivered in both, standard and HD, which are uplinked from different teleports with high level of redundancy.

Gcast offers FTP services for uploading the playlist schedules to our FTP/Video servers which are then dispatched to our uplink sites on redundant fiber, while being monitored on a 24x7 basis.

The Playout operation center is equipped with redundant power systems to operate continuously without service interruption. Gcast has proven record of quality control and trouble-free broadcasting since our TV services were launched.

Clients channels are monitored around the clock by our experienced technical team , with maximum efficiency, reliability and simplicity. Channels recorded from studios and playout facilities can be uplinked through our uplink stations and delivered straight to the audience.

Our multi transponder footprint assists customers to maximize bandwidth with minimum cost and allow channel programs to grow. (Ref: Coverage Maps).

SNG: Satellite News Gathering

Gcast satellite news gathering vehicle (SNG) is equipped with latest technology that enables broadcasters to transmit directly from events as they occur and keep their audiences updated in real-time

  • Quick Set-up
  • Carbon fiber antenna
  • Auto-acquisition controller for ease of operation
  • Interfaces with all types of RF electronics and services
  • Stabilizing legs create increased wind resistance quick set-up
  • Packaging options including cabin baggage soft case, backpack versions, and  rugged hard cases.