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Satellite Data and Internet

Glink provides hybrid communication solutions utilizing the satellite and terrestrial infrastructure throughout the world offering customers a combination of dedicated and shared satellite services -across different satellites for transport of data, Internet, voice and video applications.

Dedicated Satellite Internet Services

Glink offers cost-effective dedicated Internet/Data Services across different satellites. It enables quick set-up of satellite links (point-to-point or point-to-multipoint) without the need to gather other channels at the up linking teleport. Our dedicated internet/data connections do not permit sharing available upstream and downstream bandwidth on the satellite among VSAT stations.

Shared Satellite Internet Services

Glink offers shared Internet/Data services by utilizing different platforms within our Network Operation Centers. Glink shared services deliver quality broadband connectivity to corporate companies with rich features such as dynamic bandwidth allocation, acceleration, optimization and encryption. Glink shared services support toll quality VoIP, Video conferencing and mission-critical applications.