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About Glink

Glink comprehensively cover the diverse communications and networking needs of organizations, Governments, and business enterprises by providing competitive advantages in terms of cost, reliability, and ease of use. Glink also provides proprietary encryption & security services for networks, as well as other IT services, including ethical hacking services from third party provider.

Our Target Market

Glink service provides broadband Internet Service, Data Communication Services, Voice over IP, Video Conferencing services, Real-time video for markets around the world using the latest technologies.

  • Oil and Gas
  • Government
  • Construction
  • Telco’s
  • Banking &Finance
  • Shipping & Logistics
  • GSM Backhauling

International Data Service

Our International Data services are designed to deliver an efficient, secure, scalable and reliable method of connecting together customer sites in multiple locations and countries. Our nodes are inter-connected through fully protected -STM-1 circuits -across different international cable systems to the Internet and Global MPLS Network. Full peering and cross connect with tier-one MPLS carriers are deployed at our international POP(s) in Americas, Europe and Far East.


Access to major off-net geographies

24x7 Network monitoring and management

End to End managed services

Choice of local access at all major locations

Managed router services to all major locations

End to End seamless integration with MPLS /Satellite network

Satellite Data and Internet

Glink provides hybrid communication solutions utilizing the satellite and terrestrial infrastructure throughout the world offering customers a combination of dedicated and shared satellite services -across different satellites for transport of data, Internet, voice and video applications.

Dedicated Satellite Internet Services

Glink offers cost-effective dedicated Internet/Data Services across different satellites. It enables quick set-up of satellite links (point-to-point or point-to-multipoint) without the need to gather other channels at the up linking teleport. Our dedicated internet/data connections do not permit sharing available upstream and downstream bandwidth on the satellite among VSAT stations.

Shared Satellite Internet Services

Glink offers shared Internet/Data services by utilizing different platforms within our Network Operation Centers. Glink shared services deliver quality broadband connectivity to corporate companies with rich features such as dynamic bandwidth allocation, acceleration, optimization and encryption. Glink shared services support toll quality VoIP, Video conferencing and mission-critical applications.