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Banking and Finance

Glink provide connectivity to Banks and Finance. By utilizing our worldwide nodes and satellite Hubs Glink keeps the remote offices in contact with headquarters. Glink offers VPN solutions over Satellite or Fiber networks.

Glink provides secure communication for the Banking and Financial sector with Encryption to Support ATMs,Credit Card transactions and online banking applications.Glink provides VSAT connectivity where there is no terrestrial network and the Gulf Connect provides MPLS connectivity.

Glink offers Dedicated /Shared Internet and Data services using latest technologies.

Glink provides SCPC/SCPC, TDMA ,Dynamic SCPC and iDirect services


· Secured connectivity with Encryption

· Reduced operational and maintenance cost

· 24x7 Online and Field Supports

· Network is designed to scale to double the existing number of remotes

Case Study : Banking and Finance