On July 2021 Gulfsat Communications Company launched  ” Gulfsatnet ” the first satellite internet backup solution in Kuwait.
In a constantly connected world, Internet blackouts are costly but more importantly unacceptable. Our conventional knowledge is that our Internet connectivity is linked through a local & International fiber pipelines that spans our oceans & continents. However these routes experience occasional cuts that usually take time to be fixed and cause a major impact & stress on our business workflows, operational security, customer service and financial performance.

GulfsatNet is your company’s insurance against all connectivity risk..”

With GulfsatNet our satellite internet backup solutions; companies of all sizes will be hedged & protected against any internet blackout that may occur.
The GulfsatNet provides multiple redundancy & backup capabilities that are independent of local & International fiber cuts.

GulfsatNet is scalable and cost effective to conveniently upgrade and downgrade your company’s bandwidth on demand, reach remote areas where terrestrial networks are unable to  provide service such as private chalets & resorts and other remote locations where stable internet connections are not available in addition to providing highspeed broadband, quick deployment capabilities & a 24X7 helpdesk.