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Solution for Banking & Finance connectivity is our business

Glink covers comprehensively the diverse communications and networking needs of Banking & Financial Institutions. Glink provides a secure VPN connection with Encryption between the Head office,ATM’s,Branch offices and Mobile ATM’s for the business continuity.

Backup solution for Banking & Finance

Glink provides a redundant backup solution connecting the Main office, ATMs, Branch offices and Mobile ATMs for the business continuity in the event terrestrial or wireless network failure.

  • Secure ,Cost Effective & Ideal Solution
  • Customized solution for Banking Infrastructure
  • Wide Geographic Reach
  • Bandwidth On-Demand
  • Ensures Business Continuity & Disaster Recovery 24x7x365 monitoring online Technical & Site Support

Glink Secure Satellite Network

A data breach can be a disastrous scenario for a Banking/ Financial Institutions resulting in lengthy recovery process and drain millions to mend from a hack. Minimizing risk and preventing network hacking from happening in the first place should be one of the top priorities, to keep the business continuity.

Glink provides a satellite solution connecting Main office, Branch offices with the Data Center bypassing the terrestrial or wireless network to cut off the breach and prevent the exploit from being used again in the future.

Secure VPN over Satellite  for ATM

Glink provides Secure VPN feature over the Satellite Network, which enables the easy integration into any Banking Infrastructure with full Encryption and Data security.

  • Glink connects each remote ATM with bandwidth of 64Kbps up/down using latest Satellite VSAT technology.
  • Glink installs each remote ATM with 1.2m Ku band Antenna, BUC, LNB and Satellite modem.
  • Glink installs Router and Satellite Modem in each remote site by connecting Ethernet Interface of ATM.
  • 24x7x365 monitoring, online Technical & Site Support.

Our Global Network

Gulfsat’s global fiber and satellite infrastructure enables us to deliver any Data/Video/Audio content with superior quality over point-to-point connectivity.

Domestic Network infrastructure

Gulfsat has peered with all ISP’s through the fiber ring in Kuwait utilizing the state-of-the-art Gigabit Metropolitan Area Network (MAN) covering the entire State of Kuwait and utilizing 10 Gigabit Ethernet bandwidth that is well positioned to migrate to future speeds of 40 Gigabit Ethernet and 100 Gigabit Ethernet.

International Backbone
Gulfsat teleports are connected via two fully redundant STM-1 fiber links to multiple tier-one Internet backbone providers in the US, UK and Gulf.

Satellite Connectivity to all over the Middle East & North Africa

GSAT 11W KU (11W)

→ Data Services
→ Internet Services

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→ DTH broadcasting
→ Video distribution

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GSAT 7WA (7˚W)

→ DTH broadcasting
→ Video distribution

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