Gulfsat Communications; leading provider of satellite communication services in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA)  region,   created a unique over the top (OTT) application platform for content distribution, named ionKhaleej.

ionKhaleej is the first OTT app in the ion applications family and is serving selected channels focusing on the Gulf community while catering to its growing need to contents matching its privacy, interests, culture and lifestyle media and are easily accessible via ionKhaleej application  whether it is a Live TV Channel, Radio, online  streaming  channels or  video on  demand. Therefore, we  have grouped all  Gulf channels  of same identity   under one   umbrella   which   embeds   Kuwaiti channels as well as Gulf channels.

An OTT platform custom-made for Khaleeji Audience.”

The application provides transparent user experience via portable devices, instant scalability, optimized traffic flow, social media interaction, real-time viewership analytics and additional advertising medium.
As internet and mobile/ portable devices are becoming more available, the reach via OTT is exponential and in a continuous growth. ionKhaleej is a center of focused interest, easily available to TV channels, media production houses, expanding their reach without any additional CAPEX investment for infrastructure or their own application development.
ionKhaleej is a subscription-based service providing flexibility for the TV broadcasters in terms of pay as you grow. Additionally, grouping TV broadcasters in the same market place provides healthy medium for mutual growth, by keeping up with new features and trend developments. Availability of ionKhaleej application will translate in a measurable feedback for the TV broadcasters, interactivity with the users, real-time viewership data, availability anywhere, anytime, better program awareness & planning and additional ad space.

ionKhaleej application is NOW available for Apple and Android devices free of charge..”