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Colocation Services connectivity is our business

Our State-of-the-art Colocation facility is built to address the customers growing demand and operates under the highest security standards and regulatory compliance.

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Businesses are increasingly required to deliver a variety of IT services to their Customers, Partners and Employees to meet the growing demand for digital services. To meet such requirements, businesses are required to locate their IT infrastructure and deliver the services from a secured, environment controlled, hardened facility. A full-fledged Datacenter facility meets such requirements. However very often, this requires a large capital investment, continuous operation and maintenance of a Datacenter facility, which in turn, additionally adds on to the burden of IT budget and resources. This is where we come in with our experience and commitment to provide best value for money solutions.

At Gulfsat we are prepared to assist our customers overcome such challenges and obstacles. Our state-of-the-art Datacenter facility is built to address the customers’ growing demand and operates under the highest security standards and regulatory compliance. We also provide scalable network access, backup links support, onsite security and support and power systems to safeguard mission critical data for our customers.

For scalable requirements, we provide network and support as businesses evolve. Our teams of specialists are available for installation, maintenance and support 24X7. Our service is backed by fixed SLA for power and environment systems.

Colocation /Hosting Benefits
Initial physical installation and cabling of hardware.
Periodic reboots by our support staff as necessary & basic connectivity troubleshooting
Fiber backbone connectivity to major IP carriers and connectivity to local ISPs.
Physical space for one router
Rack unit includes cooling, power outlet, and electrical service.
UPS and generator backed up power
24×7 monitoring and online Technical Support.
Secure end-to-end transmission
Scalable and managed solution.
Easy deployment
Single point of contact for both Satellite and Internet connectivity

Gulfsat Earth Station (NOC):
Our Earth Station, located 60kms away from the kuwait city, currently supports different services, with experienced Engineers in the field and on site 24/7/365 to monitor, manage, and ensure the reliable, seamless delivery of on-demand content. Our operations are backed up with a robust disaster recovery and redundant facility ready to handle network management in the event NOC communications are interrupted.
Our earth station has broadband communication which includes internet and other related services coupled with world class fiber optic backbone and VSAT system.
Connection to different ISPs
Gulfsat earth station is peered with all ISP’s through the fiber ring in Kuwait utilizing the Giga Bit Metro Ethernet network. Gulfsat .ISPs through local fiber connectivity allows them to divert their internet traffic through our earth station to the internet during any interruptions occurs in backbone. Also customers having connectivity with any of these ISPs will benefit turnkey solutions through Gulfsat’ s VSAT solution.

Our Global Network

Gulfsat’s global fiber and satellite infrastructure enables us to deliver any Data/Video/Audio content with superior quality over point-to-point connectivity.

Domestic Network infrastructure

Gulfsat has peered with all ISP’s through the fiber ring in Kuwait utilizing the state-of-the-art Gigabit Metropolitan Area Network (MAN) covering the entire State of Kuwait and utilizing 10 Gigabit Ethernet bandwidth that is well positioned to migrate to future speeds of 40 Gigabit Ethernet and 100 Gigabit Ethernet.

International Backbone
Gulfsat teleports are connected via two fully redundant STM-1 fiber links to multiple tier-one Internet backbone providers in the US, UK and Gulf.

Satellite Connectivity to all over the Middle East & North Africa

GSAT 11W KU (11W)

→ Data Services
→ Internet Services

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→ DTH broadcasting
→ Video distribution

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GSAT 7WA (7˚W)

→ DTH broadcasting
→ Video distribution

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