Project Description

Bank of Baghdad

Bank of Baghdad is one of the largest private commercial banks in Iraq, currently with 40 branches and 43 ATMs spread across the country, and with more set to be deployed in the near future. The integration of technology and superior customer focus has helped the bank evolve from a local bank into an international bank over the past few years, and has continued to grow and perform well despite the backdrop of volatile world financial markets, and the domestic instability affecting Iraq’s economic development.


Bank of Baghdad ATMs are located in areas lacking proper Telecom Infrastructure and connectivity to the Head office located in Jordan. Bank of Baghdad required a secure and scalable VSAT connection that enables transactions through ATMs and to connect all their ATMs installed all over Iraq.


  • Bank of Baghdad required accuracy, efficiency, and security of the financial transactions of customers.
  • Required a solution with Encryption without investing on additional hardware
  • Required very high network availability to avoid any inconvenience to the customers since all ATMs installed in commercial places
  • 24x7x365 monitoring, online Technical & Site Support

Gulfsat Solution

A dedicated & private iDirect Hub is installed and commissioned at GulfSat’s NOC in Kuwait and managed 24×7 by Gulfsat technical support. All the remote ATMs are connected using Star network topology by distributing into multiple regions in order to maximize the bandwidth utilization efficiency on the network. A VPN tunnel is established over Internet between the NOC in Kuwait and the Data center in Jordan with full encryption. Router and Satellite Modem are installed in each remote connected to Automated Teller Machine (ATM) through Ethernet Interface. During any transactions occurring at ATMs the data is transmitted via satellite to Gulfsat’s NOC that consequently routes the traffic to Bank of Baghdad data center through secure VPN tunnel over Internet. Data center replies the ATM user via Gulfsat NOC within few seconds.


  • Secured connectivity with Encryption
  • Reduced operational and maintenance cost
  • 24×7 Online and Field Supports
  • Network is designed to scale to double the existing number of remotes