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Construction and Engineering

Glink offers a turnkey solution which offers advanced communication services based on long-range wireless technology and mobile VSAT systems for local or remote sites, ensuring ubiquitous communication and access to the outside world through, voice, data and internet connectivity services. International IP telephony services are also offered as an optional service within the Glink platform. With Glink, site staffs are able to maintain consistent communication with their peers, management personnel, partners and suppliers guaranteeing complete site-uptime.

With Glink reliable and stable satellite connectivity, construction companies can now be rest assured that their site Engineers work progress reports will be sent to the Head Office on time, with up-to-date information

Glink enables construction companies to roll out projects quickly and with greater efficiencies by lowering operational cost and increased productivity.

Glink offers a dedicated or shared connectivity to support data, internet, voice, video conference, video surveillance and fax services

Glink wide area coverage enables permanent connectivity to remote locations spread across the globe through a secure private circuit.

Benefits :

Solution Benefits

Private Circuit, Secured and Dedicated Connectivity
• Wide Area coverage
• Last mile connection Wi-Fi
• High Speed Internet acces for uploading huge files
• Quick Deployment Installation
• Reduced operational and maintenance cost.
• 24x7 Online and Field Support

Case Study : Construction and Engineering