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Gulfsat Exclusively Launches “ionKhaleej” Application

Gulfsat Communications; leading provider of satellite communication services in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA)  region,   created a unique over the top (OTT) application platform for content distribution, named ionKhaleej. ionKhaleej is the first OTT app in the ion applications family and is serving selected channels focusing on the Gulf community while catering to

Gulfsat Exclusively Launches “ionKhaleej” Application2021-11-22T13:04:55+03:00

Gulfsat Team Attends CABSAT 2021 | Dubai

Gulfsat Communications Company, the leading company specialized in providing communications and TV broadcasting and re-broadcasting through satellites, has announced its active participation at the 26th edition of CABSAT coming back to stage after the pandemic. CABSAT is known to be the foremost exhibition for the broadcast content delivery, digital media and satellite industries, which

Gulfsat Team Attends CABSAT 2021 | Dubai2021-11-22T13:10:50+03:00

Gulfsat Launches First Satellite Internet Backup Solution in Kuwait

On July 2021 Gulfsat Communications Company launched  " Gulfsatnet " the first satellite internet backup solution in Kuwait. In a constantly connected world, Internet blackouts are costly but more importantly unacceptable. Our conventional knowledge is that our Internet connectivity is linked through a local & International fiber pipelines that spans our oceans & continents. However

Gulfsat Launches First Satellite Internet Backup Solution in Kuwait2021-11-22T13:15:19+03:00

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